TailLock - Roll up Box truck door Security System

TailLock - Roll up Box truck door Security System Sale


TailLock - Roll up Box truck door Security System TailLock - Roll up Box truck door Security System TailLock - Roll up Box truck door Security System

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The latest security tool for any roll up truck. The Tail Lock is a wireless locking system that allows you to simply close it, click it, and lock it. Recessed bolts secure the lock to the bottom of your truck quickly, easily, and are fully enclosed to prevent access when locked. Welded aluminum housing protects the wireless locking cylinder to prevent tampering. Additional safety feature allows you to open the lock even without power in case of emergency using the included custom tooling. Don't be a statistic - or even risk becoming one!






Installing the TailLock:

  1. Determine which side (inside/outside) of the door you would like to mount your bar-stock catch. (Although the inside is a bit more difficult to install, it adds an additional level of security by keeping the bar hidden.)
  2. The TailLock can be mounted anywhere that is convenient for you, but keeping it close to the left or right side is recommended.
  3. Temporarily secure the TailLock to the frame using an UpperHand or clamps
  4. Use the supplied template to help locate the cut-out in the floor of the truck
  5. Confirm that there are no obstructions beneath the cut-out
  6. Cut the slotted hole in the floor
  7. Using the supplied jig, secure the bar-stock to the actuator
  8. Mark the location of where the bar-stock will land on the door. Also determine what is needed for shim location (Make sure door is latched tight!)
  9. Confirm the TailLock is parallel with the truck body/frame
  10. Pre-Drill & secure the actuator casing with the supplied self-tapping screws
  11. Remove the bar-stock and jig from the actuator
  12. Bolt the bar-stock to the door
  13. Close the door and carefully check alignment for the center-line of the actuator pin to the hole in the bar-stock catch

Installing the wiring and electrical:

  • VERY IMPORTANT – The feed wire will be marked Positive/Negative, do not reverse polarity, it will damage the receiver
  • Either find a CONSTANT power and tap into it, or run the wire directly back to the battery.
  • The Negative side can be grounded directly to the frame or the batteries negative post.
  • There is a fuse supplied and installed on the back side of the TailLock

Using The TailLock:

  • The key FOB remote control requires a double click on each of the function buttons
  • Make sure the door is securely latched to the truck before operating the TailLock.
  • The RED CAP on the end of the actuator is a visual control to confirm that the pin has extended all the way. It is important that the TailLock is mounted in allocation that does not obstruct the view of the RED CAP.



Make sure you place the “fail-safe tool” in a secure, easy to access location (such as in your glove box)


Drill Bits: 3/16” & 1/2”

3/4” socket

Mallet or hammer


UpperHand Jack or clamps

5/16” driver

FlushCut Pliers or wire cutter

Electrical tape

Wire stripper

Drill, grinder, Jigsaw

Voltage tester (not necessary, but sometimes needed)





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