4" BitBuddie Slurry Shroud

4" BitBuddie Slurry Shroud


4" BitBuddie Slurry Shroud 4" BitBuddie Slurry Shroud



The one to four inch BitBuddie gives contractors a handy way to capture dust and slurry. When core drilling, it captures slurry with up to a 4 inch diameter core bit. Use a utility knife to cut the appropriate sized hole in the BitBuddie to suit your application. When cutting drywall, you can cut a 4 inch long slot in it to accommodate a drywall saw, and you will marvel at how it prevents drywall dust from going everywhere. Every contractor should have a BitBuddie or two in their tool box.

  • Capture dust and slurry as it comes out of the hole
  • Suction holds it in place
  • Drill or cut holes with complete dust control in just seconds
  • Works great for core drilling
  • Saw holes is drywall (i.e. outlet boxes) without making any mess
  • Complies with EPA regulations for point-of-origin dust containment
  • INCLUDES:(1) translucent rubber dust shroud, (1) releasable zip tie, (1) 18" flexible hose
  • BEST FOR:Dust and slurry removal, especially in tight spaces (faucet holes, light fixtures)


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