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 Universal Adapters to Fit Imperial Blades on your tools


Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I improve the speed of cutting wood?

First score the cut, and then work the blade back and forth across. Each stroke across the cut is like taking off a layer at a time.

What is the difference between the wood and universal blade?

The wood blade is specifically for wood and other soft applications such as drywall, PVC, etc. The universal blade can be used on such materials but will also cut nails, bolts, sheet metal etc.

Will any blade cut through plaster & lath?

Our universal saw blade will cut through plaster and lath but the life of the blade will be minimal. The diamond blade is designed to cut plaster, lath, backer board, tile and other hard materials.

How can I extend the life of the sand paper and sanding pad?

Using a lower speed setting could enhance the performance and longevity of the pad depending on the material that is being sanded.

What is the best way to protect the surface during scraping?

You should also protect delicate surfaces such as tile and ceramic during the scraping process. Masking tape should be used on any delicate surface.

My scraper blade keeps gumming up with adhesive. Is there anything I can do to prevent this?

Applying petroleum jelly to the blade will reduce build up.

How can I clean the grout blade after use?

You can use your rotary tool with a brass brush to clean the gritted surface.

Why does my blade start to burn when cutting applications such as wood?

The tool is meant to do the work and not to be forced on the application. If the blade does start to burn the user must start using a "back and forth" motion. If cutting a small section enter and exit the plunge to allow additional relief by removing saw dust.

Which blade works best cutting drywall?

The coarse saw blade has a larger tooth pattern to prevent the teeth to clog up with debris and will cut drywall fast. The fine saw blade will create less dust.

Which scraper blade works best on removing window caulk?

The mushroom flexible scraper blade is great on remodeling window caulk. Its flexibility will prevent damage to the window.


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