About Us

BPway.com, llc is located in the town of Northford, CT.  Although we have remained an internet sales only company since 2006, you are welcome to come by and pick up what you need by calling 877-GO-BPWAY or by sending an email to sales@bpway.com.

BPway.com, llc was founded in 2003 by Brian Way, a lifetime cabinet-maker/furniture builder. Brian is still owner of BPWAY – Millwork Installations; and owned a cabinet manufacturing facility between 1991-2006.

His love for tools in the woodworking field has driven him to open an online store in 2003. Almost everything that is sold in this store has been field tested by Brian himself. So there is no one better to give you accurate product knowledge.

At BPway.com, we strive to bring you unique tools specific to your industry and the knowledge to back it. Brian continues to invent new tools and processes also continues to beta test and review new tool products. Thanks for visiting this store, we hope you will allow us the privilege of working with you!

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