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When you need an extra hand... you need the T-JAK® Quick Support Tool:

The lightweight, multi-purpose T-JAK® tool is designed to ease the installation of kitchen cabinets, drywall ceilings, door and window headers, bay/bow/garden type windows, crown molding, ceiling millwork, ridge rafters, shower tile, granite shower stalls, track lighting, ceiling fans and fixtures, plaster moldings, and many other applications.

Installing Kitchen Wall Cabinets the Easy Way !!

Cabinets & Drywall Ceilings

Kitchen Cabinets - model no. TJ-104 cabinet jack

The T-JAK® becomes your hard working helper to install wall  cabinets of all sizes to the  perfect height. It has both quick and precise adjustment features needed for kichen cabinet installation 


Cabinets & Drywall Ceilings - model no. TJ-104D 

The T-JAK®'s sturdy construction and quick setup make installing kitchen wall cabinets, ceiling drywall, wallboard or sheetrock safe and easy.


Duct Work/Plumbing/Electrical

The T-JAK® uses a variety of extensions so
it can adjust to heights up to 10 Ft.  Holds up ductwork, pipes, ceiling light fixtures on hard to reach  overhead projects.


Crown and Ceiling Moldings

The T-JAK® makes it easier for one worker to install ceiling crown moldings.  A spacer block (2"x 6" on edge) is attached to the top plate and then raised up to the ceiling to act as a shelf/ledge to carry the loose end of the crown molding.  This allows the installer to easily raise and lower the crown as needed to fine tune the cope for a perfect fit.


Garage Opener, Door, Track  

The T-JAK® can securely prop garage door
up during the replacement of springs, rails, rollers, opener.

Deck and Porch Building

The T-JAK® helps to support and level deck beams, joists and rails.  Anywhere between 15 IN. up to 10 FT.  Tested to support loads up to 400 LBS.

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